The Transforming Education Summit

May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Transforming Education Summit in Abu Dhabi was a great success last week, and we got great feedback:

“Dear John,

I wanted to thank you and the JR Scenic team personally for the outstanding effort and support you gave HQ Creative on the set build of The Transforming Education Summit. Thanks to the excellent attitude and craftsmanship of your team we completed the build in good time and to the high standard expected of a global summit. The design of the event broke new ground and I therefore appreciate it demanded a different thought process from both you in the pre-event stage and your team onsite during the build, the attention to detail was recognised and appreciated by both HQ and our end client.

Please pass on my gratitude to the JR Scenic team, they are a credit to you and give me the confidence to push some more boundaries with future set designs.

I’m looking forward to our next adventure….!

Kind regards,

Adam Proto

Director of Projects

HQ Creative”

Thank you HQ Creative for your brilliant feedback, we also look forward to working with you on our next adventure.