Ski Dubai – Frozen

December 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

We have just finished our new installation at Ski Dubai in Mall Of The Emirates. HQ Creative came to us with Disney’s Frozen inspired buildings. One group themed in the midst of winter and a second coming into spring. Ski Dubai - Frozen

The buildings have a warm glow poring out the windows and white smoke bellowing out of the winter groups chimney giving you the full effect of a cosy fire place inside. Ski Dubai - Frozen Ski Dubai - Frozen Ski Dubai - Frozen

The wood grain was created completely by hand, along with all the other dressing including the snow, icicles, stonework chimney and roof shingles. Also the window graphics replicating frost and led lining were created in house by JR Scenic. Ski Dubai - Frozen

Zayed Heritage Festival 2014

December 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Zayed Heritage Festival has grown in size and grandeur every year since its beginning, and this year seems to be its biggest leap in that regard. We were approached by HQ Creative to supply some of the events main structures and dressing. Including the Parade Arch, Entrance Arch, 250 Meter Main Stage Wall, Food & Beverage Units, Lighting Towers, Coffee Shops, Photo Gallery Units and Sponsor Signage. All the dressing and finishing of these pieces had to resemble authentic Arabic architecture, keeping to the traditional heritage theme.

It was a pleasure doing this job for HQ Creative, and cant wait to see how it grows in the coming years.

Parade Arch Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Parade Arch

Entrance Arch Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Entrance Arch

250 Meter Main Stage Wall Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Main Stage

F&B Units Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - F&B Units

Lighting Towers Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Lighting Towers

Coffee Shops Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Coffee Shops

Photo Gallery Units Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Galleries

Sponsor Signange Zayed Heritage Festival 2014 - Sponsor Signs

Sir Baniyas Forum 2014

November 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Sir Baniyas Forum is an annual job for us at JR Scenic. And like all annual Jobs the designers look for bigger and better ways to improve their events. This year required a whole new set build. The existing forum seating block didn’t house enough guests. So a new one was built, to maximise the space of the ballroom and face the audience towards a 20 meter curved projection screen. These room within a room sets offer the designers the opportunity to start from scratch on their event venue, with the only restriction being the dimensions of the existing building.

Sir Baniyas Forum 2014 Sir Baniyas Forum 2014 Sir Baniyas Forum 2014

DIFC 10th Anniversary

November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The DIFC Anniversary main stage was an interesting build for us. The incorporation of the DIFC logo into the back wall in the form of 7 meter high mirrored spikes was HQ Creative’s design, and JR Scenic’s task to build. The shards of mirror along with a black gloss stage offered a huge range of reflections. All highlighted by the changing LED light strips that framed each aspect of the set.

DIFC 10th Anniversary DIFC 10th Anniversary DIFC 10th Anniversary